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Who are we?

Giddy Up was founded by Brian Steele, from Shoreline Partners, a boutique advisory firm for digital and creative companies. Brian has been active with theatre through over ten years of sponsorship and promoting good governance.

As Shoreline Partners Executive Director, Brian Steele provides business advisory services in New Zealand and off-shore. He also performs Board of Director roles in the Arts, Education, Technology and Iwi sectors.

Brian’s goal is to encourage corporates/businesses to partner with community arts, sports and other activities. He also wants to help people running performance arts events become more confident in their engagement with business.

“Both customers and employees are wanting experiences and a sense of belonging. As a business you need not only to care, but to demonstrate that you care. By caring consistently, you get great rewards. I have been rewarded richly in a way that far exceeds any dollars I have put on a cheque. You’re missing out if you don’t.”

Brian Steele

Founder, Giddy Up


Superior business performance is underpinned by Innovation and creative thinking. When a business and for purpose Organisation form partnerships, creative thinking transforms both Organsations.

We want to work closely with you to understand what makes you and your company special. Through market intelligence we strategically link you with inspiring community partners who live your values and inspire your audience.

From establishing strategic fit, we believe that marketing budgets can then be used more creatively to entertain and engage with potential customers.

Our knowledge, connections and ‘know-how’ combined with practiced processes cut through the white noise of advertising. Inspiration often comes from and involves your employees and makes reaching potential customers easier and more rewarding.

Our mission is to support great businesses and partner them with great community groups from the Arts to Sports to Charities to form transformational partnerships.

We share successful partnership stories with an article a month into each of the quadrants of Latest, Brands, For Purpose and Connectors. You can view these on our website www.giddyup.net.nz, subscribe to our monthly newsletter, and/or review additional information on the @GiddyUpNewZealand FB page.

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