About Us

At Giddy Up, we want to solve one of the biggest problems facing New Zealand’s Arts Community. Everyone is guessing. Producers don’t know how to get funding, who to approach, or even how to ask. Businesses are looking for imaginative ways to reach customers relevant to their brand story and Events and Arts Promoters are looking for audiences to inspire.

That’s where Giddy Up comes in.

We believe that marketing budgets can be used more creatively to entertain and engage with potential customers. Our knowledge, connections and ‘know-how’ combined with practiced processes can cut through the white noise of advertising and make reaching potential customers easier and more fun. Our mission is to bring great arts and events to life through developing long-lasting relationships with businesses that support and grow with them.

Everybody wins. Easy as that.

Who are we?

Giddy Up was founded by Brian Steele, from Shoreline Partners, a boutique advisory firm for digital and creative companies. Brian has been active with theatre through over ten years of sponsorship and promoting good governance.

As Shoreline Partners Executive director, Brian Steele provides Business Planning and Mergers & Acquisitions both here in New Zealand and off-shore. He also performs Board of Director roles in the Arts, Education, Technology and Iwi sectors.

Brian’s goal is to encourage corporates/businesses to Sponsor community arts, sports and other activities. He also wants to help people running performance arts events become more confident in their engagement with business.

“People are wanting experiences and sense of belonging – but to do that you need to care, and you need to give and by giving consistently, you get great rewards. Personally I have been rewarded richly in a way that far exceeds any dollars I have put on a cheque. You’re missing out if you don’t.”

Brian Steele, Founder, Giddy Up


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Email: brian.steele@giddyup.net.nz

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/briansteelenz