Oasis Definitely Maybe

Definitely Maybe: Test and Learn

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In hit single ‘Live Forever’, Liam Gallagher shared his disinterest at knowing how his partner’s garden grows. He ventured that: “Maybe I’ll never be all the things I want to be, now’s not the time to cry, now’s the time to find out why, (… as you and I are gonna live forever)” The Oasis […]

Licence to thrill

License to thrill: considerations on engagement

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Our previous post ‘Could you be the One?’ discussed how the selection of your sponsorship recipient should be tailored to your purpose, values, and customer desires. This post looks to provide considerations on engagement, both within and external to the company. Make it Personal In both entertainment and business, we are looking for a more […]

giddy up

Customers who play, show loyalty and stay

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The number of sponsorship opportunities has increased tremendously over the past decade and sport marketing is now a multi-million dollar industry. With sports events receiving the lion’s share of marketing, New Zealand businesses are also being urged to consider sponsorship of the Arts and other activities. A report, recently released by the Ministry Culture and […]